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Boy is Dead

Directed by Ilya Naishuller


Directed by Ilya Naishuller


Directed by Ilya Naishuller


Shorten The Longing

On June 26. 2020, Biting Elbows unveiled their second full-length album, "Shorten The Longing". The work on the record continued for four years in spare time away from filming. The album features 13 tracks, 3 of which were previously released as singles and feature quiet decent visuals. According to lead singer Ilya Naishuller, "Shorten The Longing" is a kind of diary album.

"While the arrangements were going through constant changes, all the lyrics were capturing my feelings from the moment they came on paper, and I unknowingly left them alone. During the album making, I have become much calmer and more aware of who I am, what I want, what I am afraid of and what I am prepared to lose my head for."

single 2019

single 2019

single 2018

Love Song
single 2017

For The Kill
single 2016

Bullied Boy
single 2015

Bad Motherfucker
EP 2013

Biting Elbows
LP 2011

Dope Fiend Massacre
EP 2011

Biting Elbows

Biting Elbows

Biting Elbows is a Moscow-based band founded in 2008 by filmmaker Ilya Naishuller and drummer Ilya Kondratyev. The team prefers not to be constrained by a single style, balancing a perky post-punk style with thoughtful, melodic indie.

The band received huge popularity after the release of a bloody action video for the song "Bad Motherfucker", filmed in 1st person. The video became golden at London International Awards. And the multi-million views on YouTube motivated the creation of the film "Hardcore", for which Biting Elbows wrote the soundtracks.

The band was invited as special guests to the Moscow concerts of Placebo and Guns N' Roses, and also took part in the festivals Park Live, Maxidrom, Quicksilver New Star, and YouTube Music Awards. Biting Elbows is a real club killer in Russian cities and abroad, playing driving punk rock from the stage.